VIP Coaching Day


Imagine if you could… 

Set Aside Time to truly work on your business and finally ditch the overwhelm.

Trade the hundreds of to-do lists for an action plan and results.

Finally, take some time for yourself and your business to reconnect and dive deep into money-generating activities.

Set your business up for success for the upcoming months by having a strategic plan that will lead you to more sales and more joy.

Condense months worth of guesswork and goal setting, and walk away with a rock-solid business plan in a DAY

High-Level Personalized 1:1 coaching, and self-exploration in this immersive VIP experience

I know you’re ready to go all in and are craving some deep level results. I also know that as a busy entrepreneur, your time is a luxury!

You have a full plate of to-dos, managing day-to-day operations, and working on your next launch or big idea…so I know you’re seeking results FAST.

Or maybe you’ve been so caught up in the hustle mode that you’ve fallen out of love with your work, and are looking for the next step to bring that spark back.

Get to your next level quickly by experiencing a VIP Coaching Day!

Our Happy Clients

I’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you change their personal and professional lives. You can be the next success story.
  • “The most powerful program I have ever taken.”

    I started the program not knowing how to monetize my business. Map to CLients is such an amazing program starting at module 1. It gives you the step by step that you need to get your coaching to 5- 6 figures months. The strategy is so detailed in every single module. It is all that you need. There is no fluff involved. In addition to having visuals and PDF modules, you have the guidance of Sandra. This is at your own pace which is absolutely amazing. The system is flawless. I have taken other programs but nothing compares to this.

    I have never gotten the level of help and guidance. There is no room for error with Map to Clients!

    Victoria Grace

  • Hi! I’m Alana and I am a previous student in the Map To Clients Program! I want to give a huge THANKS to Sandra Kemayou for all of her help with creating, cultivating and launching my premium coaching program!!! Because of her skills, knowledge and techniques, I was able to successfully launch my program. This is the first week of launching and I have 3 premium new clients. Sandra’s program is amazing and I recommend investing into her! You will not fail with her, just trust the process. I believe that the information taught is priceless and you get way more than you pay for! It was a little scary at first with taking the risk and leap but it was all worth it! My advice is if you have been sitting on a great idea for a while, just do it and make sure you build a program that you believe in! Someone in the world is waiting on you.

    Alana Brown

  • “Working with Sandra will get you your money back guaranteed”

    It’s been years that I have been trying to figure out my niche yet unable to figure it out. I have been so unclear. It’s been difficult to throw my all into my business because I have been trying to impact everyone. In my heart, I knew there was a set number of people that I was meant to call. Going throught the process with Sandra and finally being able to have clarity on who I was meant to help was life changing.


  • “Best program ever.”

    From the beginning of the program, she has been authentic and helpful. You are guaranteed to get support. Her program is the easiest to follow. From my niche which I had no clarity on exactly who it was. She got me clear in one session. I got help getting my webinar reviewed! You don’t see that in most programs.

    The program has an intimate tribe and this is my best time of the week. It’s a real sisterhood and weekly Q&A calls which is priceless.

    I can not recommend Sandra and her program. She goes above and beyond. She is the best.


  • “How Tatiana ( Health coach) went from working for FREE to a sold out program after joining MAP TO CLIENTS.”

    I am in the Bahamas right now and I just finished a session with my client. I always had this dream to work with people all over the world. I had no idea how to bring it to life. Can I tell you that working with Sandra is the best decision I have made for my business. I have been sleeping on my dreams for 10 years. I was motivated and given me the tools to grow my business. All I need now is my laptop and I can work with clients from anywhere in the world. I made back all of the money spent on the program back before I launch.


Meet your Host

Meet your Host

Sandra Kemayou

I started coaching at the tender age of 8 years old…really by mistake. A friend of mine was in crisis and needed my help. I laid her down on a couch and asked her to talk to me. When she left laughing, I knew that I want to help more people.
Ever since then I started multiple businesses and helped billion-dollar companies launch million-dollar projects.
I have had the honor to speak at events hosted by the NAACP and the CongressionalBlack Caucus, and have been on various national media outlets including ABC, FOX, IHEART….
The first course that I released made $365,000 in sales in just a few months. This was shocking because I had spent years trying to figure out how to make money…If I can do it, you can do it too.

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